Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Montana - Mexico, a Study in Contrasts!

Went Skiing at Lolo Pass again Sunday. I think this is the most accumulated snow I have seen there. Contrast that with Mexico City this time of year!  This was my favorite season when the jacarandas were in bloom. Their lavendar petals would blanket the ground like snow here.

Esquiamos a Paso Lolo el Domingo pasado. Creyo que éste es la más nieve que hemos visto alla. Contrastas éste con la Ciudad de México en éste temporada! Me encanta las jacarandas. Es mi favorito temporada en México. Los pétalos cubrirían el suelo como nieve aqui.


  1. Looks cold, but I'm sure you had fun! We have hit 80 degrees the past couple of days. Unfortunately, with the below freezing weather we had both in January and February, a lot of things that would normally be blooming here are frost damaged so will take longer to bloom this year. The Bougainvillea are my favorites but I really like the Mexican heather plants as well. In Alabama my blue hydranga was my favorite and my lavendar plants. So hard to choose a favorite!

  2. At this point any kind of flower would be nice. The only think appearing in my yard right now is deer poop! I can't even imagine 80 degrees right now. 40 is warm here.