Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trip to Lancaster, PA

 3 friends and I just returned from attending the AQS quilt show in Lancaster, PA. This is my friend Sue with her quilt "The Red Vase" that she entered in the show. Quilts were spectacular with exquisite quilting. Seems like almost all the wall quilts and many of the bed quilts were heavily beaded as well including Sue's wall quilt. 

The red purple quilt was part of a special exhibit of Amish quilts owned by the Esprit Corporation and donated to and displayed at the Lancaster Quilt Museum. The original red purple quilt that was the inspiration for the DBQ red purple "Our Amish Adventure" challenge way back in 1986???

3 amigas y yo acabamos de regresar de asistiendo la Concuso de Colchas de AQS en Lancaster, PA. Éste es mi amiga Sue con su colcha "El Florero Rojo" que fue una entrada en el concurso. Las colchas eran espectacular con quilting exquisito. Parecía casi todo las colchas para suspender y las de la cama tenían muchas gotas también incluyendo la colcha de Sue.

La colcha de roja y morada era parte de una expositión especial de colchas de los Amish que eran parte de la colección de corporación Esprit. Éstas colchas estaban exibido al Museo Lancaster de Colchas y Textiles.
La colcha original roja y morada que fue la inspiració para el roja morada meta del grupo DBQ "Nuestra Adventura de Amish" en 1986??? Recuerdas mi colcha "Jardin de Amish" que tiene un borde de uvas aplicadas?


We spent several afternoons touring Amish country. It was quite a challenge to photograph the fast moving wagons and horses. Enjoyed visiting the Amish shops selling fabric and quilts often mixed with groceries, bulk food, hats etc.

Pasamos varios tardes recorriendo el campo del Amish. Fue una meta para sacar una foto de los carritos y cabellos. Disfrutamos visitas en las tienditas del Amish que venden telas y colchas y muchas veces abarrotes, sombreros, ropa etc.


Our next stop was Gettysburg National Military Park, the site of the 3 day battle of Gettysburg as well as the military cemetary and site of Lincoln's Gettysburg address. We found it a very moving experience, hard to comprehend the numbers of soldiers who were killed or wounded there from both sides. There was a hush to the whole park, sacred ground.

El proximo destino fue Parque Nacional Militar, el lugar de batalla de 3 días en Gettysburg y también el cementario militar y sitio del Discurso de Gettysburg, undiscurso muy famoso en los EEUU. Fue un experiencia muy emocionante para nosotros. Es dificil comprendar los numeros de muertos y heridos. En todo el parque experimentamos un silencio profundo. Es un lugar sagrado.

Last stop was Winterthur Museum former home of one of the Duponts and his extensive collection of American antiques, including many textiles and his wonderful gardens. We Montanas were starved for spring and he delivered so wonderfully. Couldn't believe the size of the daffodils! 

Nuestra última visita fue El Museo Winterthur antiguo casa de uno de los Duponts y su colección de antigüedades de America, incluyendo muchas textiles y sus jardines maravillosos. Llegando de Montana todaví nos falta la primavera y aquí estaban jardines y flores en profusion. No podemos creer el temaño de los narcisos!


  1. Sounds and looks like you had a lovely time! We might have begun the red/purple challenge in 1985 as I'm pretty sure it was exhibited in Paducah at the AQS show in April of 1986. We moved in June of '86 to AZ and I think I could not go to Paducah when our quilts were there because of the move. But, then, I could be wrong that was a LONG time ago! It was a fun thing to do!

  2. I should look at the label on my quilt to check date. It was fun. I had forgotten you were moving as we ended that project. What a long time ago that was. I haven't done any challenges in several years and at the moment I am considering 3!