Friday, December 28, 2012

2 Moose a Stayin"

Spent 4 nights just outside of Yellowstone Park at Pines Edge Cabins. got in 3 days of good cross country skiing. First day out a Buffalo blocked our trail, the second day 2 moose were in the path. The third day it was a ranger on the trail but we got by him! It was a treat to see the moose so close up. They were very much aware of us and let us know they weren't happy with some deep throated noises.
Coming into the park we saw one bull elk, the only elk we saw the 5 days we were in the park. This coyote was on the road as we drove in and the Buffalo along side the road pretty close to the car. The coyote didn't want to budge from his dinner.

This was our little Christmas tree in our rustic cozy cabin. It was a very quiet and peaceful Christmas for us this year. Very nice.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Merry Christmas from our house to yours.
These little Christmas stockings were made from ties. I will fill them with a few pieces of candy for a special group of friends.
Haven't been doing a lot for Christmas this year. Since the kids came for Thanksgiving it will just be the two of us. Both of us had horrible colds after Christmas so it t has just been this week that either one of us has any energy. Toralf and I leave Saturday for Silvergate, MT which is just outside the northeast entrance to Yellowstone Park at Cook City. Seems like we have gone there almost every year since coming to Montana. We will ski, enjoy the incredible beauty of the mountains and the peaceful quiet of a small village and all the animals in the park . We enjoy attending Christmas Eve services at the little community church.
We will also be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary in the park. We honeymooned at a ski resort in Michigan 40 years ago so it is fitting we spend this special day skiing as well. 
 1972 Minnesota              
 2012 Montana