Saturday, May 26, 2012


I'd be remiss in my Grandma duties if I didn't post a picture now and again. Wouldn't I? He's thinking about sleeping though the night or at least Mom and Dad are dreaming of the day. He does sleep in his big crib now and he has started solid foods. Who can account for taste -- he likes baby food peas!


My latest Hexagon Project

Jo and I are exchanging center flowers and then adding our own next ring. My second ring is all Moda marbles with a few shadow play when the color was right. I am using 3/4" diamonds and triangles as connecting paths. These are all tiny prints with flowers in them and I have 11 different fabrics that I am adding in sets of 3. Toralf calls this my Mitsubishi quilt!

My Mexican Bathroom

This is the catch-up part.
I finally finished the Cactus basket wall quilt for my Mexican bathroom. It is 4 - 16" blocks that I rotated. The striped fabric is cut from a set of Mexican napkins, a non-traditional heavy woven fabric. Because of that and the diamonds, I English paper pieced the whole thing. It is an optical illusion. The diamonds are 2 different sizes and of the 3 cactus flowers in each basket only one is really square. Picture below shows the paper (card stock) and more accurate colors. I printed the paper pieces on EQ which was handy. I had to trim the foundations for the striped squares to by about 1/8" to make them fit. I was pleased with the accuracy and flatness of the piece and it was a pretty cuss free project this way :)

Picture below is my shower curtain inspired by the classic blue/white Mexican Talavera tile designs that were everywhere in Mexico. Now I just have a second wall hanging and a wool proddy rug to finish and my bathroom will be complete. Shower curtain has a tiny gold flippy between the body and the center and you can see my bright gold walls peeping through in the background. The shower curtain is lined like a curtain to give it a finished look and not quilted. It hangs with a plastic liner.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

We went for a long (2 hour) bike ride up the Rattlesnake this morning -- a gorgeous sunny day with temps in the low 70's, very comfortable for biking. I printed out the picture on a t-shirt transfer and added the bicycle. I should have added 2 bicycles, one for me and one for Toralf.  It was nice to be out and enjoy the sun. There is still quite a bit of snow on the mountain tops. I made the picture into a little mini quilt for my journal of mini quilts -- a quick fun momento.

Happy Mother's Day. Mother's Day takes on new meaning for me as I recognize and celebrate my daughter-in-law celebrating her very first Mother's Day and remember my mother who is gone.

Montamos en bicicletas por dos horas cerca de los montañas éste manaña -- un día espléndido con mucho sol y temperaturas cerca de 21C -- muy comodo en bicicletas. Imprimo el foto en papel especial imprimir fotos en tela y añado la bici. Debo añadir dos, uno para me y la otra para Toralf. Fue muy agradable afuera en el sol. Todavia hay mucha nieve encima de las montañas. Coso la foto en una colcha chiquitita para me diario de colchitas -- un recuerdo divertido.

Feliz Día de las Madres. Este dia tiene sentido nuevo para me. Es la primer Día de las Madres para mi nuera y tambien recuerdo mi madre.