Friday, December 3, 2010


Sunrise this morning. We got 5-6 inches of new snow on top of the 5-6 inches on the ground. It is really pretty right now. Nice if you don't have to go anywhere. I am tired of the heavy clothes and boots already. Our 3 years in Mexico totally destroyed our aclimitization to colder weather.

Salida del Sol éste manaña. Recibimos 5-6 puilgadas de nueva nieve encima de 5-6 pulgadas nieve en la tierra. Es muy bonita ahora. Muy bien si no tengas de ir afuera. Ya estoy cansada de la ropa pesada y botas. Nuestro 3 años en México han totalmente destruido nuestro capacidad de aclimatarnos.

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  1. Yep, that happens quickly. Even moving from AZ to AL was hard from the standpoint of not being used to colder weather. It didn't really snow in Montgomery, but I was ALWAYS cold!