Friday, December 3, 2010

Fresh Snow

Toralf is smiling but this is the part of winter that gets old really fast. (I'm smiling because I slept while he shoveled.) He said the snow was really wet and heavy this morning. The deer are hungry already. They have been eating frozen pumpkins left in the yard after Halloween.

Toralf sonrie pero éste es la parte de invierno que no está divertida. (Sonrio porque dormaba mientras el movía el nieve.) El me dijo que la nieve fue muy pesada y mojada éste mañana. Los venados tienen mucha hambre. Están comiendo las calabazas que quedan  en el jardín desde Halloween.


  1. I get to see if the shovel will fit my hands again this year as we got snow last night, but it is suppose to be the light fluffy stuff.

  2. I envy you seeing the snow, but not the shoveling part. We may have very hot, long summers, but at least we don't have to shovel the heat. I do love to see especially the first snow of the year. We can see it, but we have to drive a couple of hours north or sometimes south as Mt. Lemon in Tucson does get snow.