Friday, December 17, 2010

Skiing at Lolo Pass

This was taken last Saturday at Lolo Pass in the mountains between Idaho and Montana. Snow was perfect. Since then it has melted, rained and then snowed some more. It was a good first time out this year. I was happy I could ski with my hand still not 100%. I am always amazed by the profound silence and peace of the mountains in winter.             
This has been a busy week. I finished Christmas shopping, got packages wrapped and ready to mail and even managed to do a little baking today. Wednesday Toralf stayed home from work and we began laying carpet floor tiles in my studio. I should go downstairs this afternoon and see what I can do there on my own but I am kind of stiff and sore from Wed. 

Tome este foto el sabado pasado en las montanas en el Paso de Lolo entre Montana y Idaho. La nieve era perfecto. Desde entonces derretia, llovia y nevaba. El esquiando era bien como la primera vez este ano. Estaba feliz que pueda nevar con mi mano que todavia no esta 100%. Siempre me maravilla el silencio profundo y tranquididad de las montanas.

Este semana ha estado muy ocupado. Termine ir de compras para la Navidad, envuelve todas las paquetes y las envie a mi familia. Hoy horneo galletes y dulces. Miercoles Toralf quedo en casa y empezamos poner alfombra en mi estudio. Debo ir abajo este tarde y hacer mas pero me duele las piernas y no quiero hacerlo.


  1. Looks like fun, but I think I will continue to look at the snow out the window!

  2. Gary is in IL as his mother passed away last week. I think he's ready to leave the snow behind and come back to our balmy 60 - 70 degree days. I'll enjoy the snow through your pictures! I had to stay here to run the company, finish up the Christmas stuff, etc.