Monday, September 24, 2012

The Black Hills, SD & some New Projects

Just got back from a trip to Black Hills, SD to visit Toralf's brother and sister in law. Falls leaves were really pretty. I hadn't expected that. Third picture is from the Little Big Horn National Monument.

The trip was a good excuse to cut out a couple new paper pieced projects. I have been wanting to do this for some time. This is what I started.

This is the jewel shape with 1"and 2"hexagons. Jewels could also be put together with 2"diamonds. It is a different look and kind of fun. I have a jelly roll of batik for the stars. I'm using a group of tie dyes for the hexagons.

This one is ties. Yes I'm finally using them! Design will be tumbling blocks. I need to rethink what I am doing a little bit. I thought I could use the lining on the ends of the ties for the solid top but I don't like the quality fabric so need to find more solid ties and or use the wider solid parts. I have been glue basting the diamonds as I cut them and this stabilizes the slippery fabric. It is working well.



  1. Nice to see the Fall leaves! It looks like beautiful country! Your new projects should keep you busy for a while! Do you need specific colors for the solid ties? I have quite a few ties, but I'm not sure how many are solids. If you need some, let me know and I'll go through what I have.

  2. Thanks, Lois. right now I am okay. I have found a few solid ties and wide strips on others that work just fine but I'll keep you in mind. I needed new paper piecing projects like a hole in the head but I'm teaching a class in November and it seemed like a good excuse!