Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finally Something Finished!

I was at a meeting Wednesday evening with other quilters and came home feeling quite down and stressed about all my unfinished projects. In 2003 or 4 a group of us started an exchange project. One person was working on hers and it reminded me that I owe her a piece. I came home and took that out and also went looking for my own piece. My top has been done since 2005 or 6 but not quilted. I decided that what I really need right now is to finish something. I need that sense of accomplishment. The only way to finish something fast is to do it by machine so I decided to finish my fractal ( the projects I had pulled out after the meeting to look at).

My finished piece.

I was surprised at how long it took me to machine quilt it even though it is small (31.5" x 22.5"). All it lacks now is a label. I know it is based on a card but I cannot remember the artist. Can you see the 4 parts? Each of us chose a picture and divided it into 4 parts. Each person got a part to work on and give back to the owner. All of the pieces were done in wool. It is interesting to see how well the pieces blend together.

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  1. Lorinda, this is a wonderful piece! I've done exchanges but none were quite like this and I've always loved the way these looked when finished. I just went back to work so now two days a week plus Sat. night and Sunday AM are filled plus an hour commute each way. Less will get done now than before so I do know how you feel seeing projects waiting to be finished!