Saturday, September 15, 2012


It has been a busy summer! The end of June I took the train from Whitefish, Montana to Lacrosse, Wisconsin. It was a grand adventure. Biggest drawback was travel time on each end to get to and from train depots, tricky with train delays. I avoided an 18 hour delay by one day.

Spent 2 weeks with good friends from way back.

And as always enjoyed the Mississippi.

Home just a few days and then we headed to California for Oliver's second surgery. He was a trooper and everything came out fine. The palate is now closed so that should facilitate his eating and learning to talk. If all goes well it will be the last surgery until he is 9 or 10 when they will graft a bone in the cleft.
Hard to believe our little guy turns one tomorrow! He has had quite a year. Right now he is on the verge of walking and eating independently and loves cell phones. Here he is helping Dad and Grandpa in the garage.
And I would be remiss if I didn't wish all my friends in Mexico Feliz Día de Independencia (Happy Independence Day).

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  1. Lorinda, what fun to see you with Jo and Joan! We need another DBQ's reunion! Glad that Oliver's surgeries are at an end for now. I'm sure he will blossom big time now! He is adorable!