Monday, June 17, 2013

Glacier in the Spring

June 7, Hiking, biking, animals and incredible scenery

 The 3 Bears


They weren't real interested in sharing the road -- neither were we! We watched for 5-10 minutes before they ambled back into the woods and we could pass. We were biking on Road to the Sun which hadn't opened yet due to snow near Logan Pass. We only were able to bike about 7 of the 16 miles -- those darn knees!

This  was near Polebridge on West side of the park. Don't the clouds look like snow covered mountains. Polebridge isn't much more than a mercantile store 25 miles north of Apgar on a gravel road but what a bakery inside! This is a real hidden treasure.
Burn area from fire in the 80's. Trees take a long time to grow back this far north. On the other hand it opens up incredible views and there is a surprising amount of undergrowth and wild flowers.
Deer were more interested in sharing the road and we passed amicably.


  1. Great photos of the bears! I don't blame you for waiting for them to go back into the woods! Beautiful scenery! We had to share our yard with the deer in Alabama. They, unfortunately, liked my hostas so we only got to see them a bit before the deer dined on them! It was fun to watch the deer playing next to the kitchen window or roaming down the street, however!

  2. I know the feeling. I do enjoy seeing the deer, just hate it when they eat everything in the yard. It has really limited Toralf's gardening.