Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life In Montana - La Vida Aquí

 Dad had company from the southeast a week or so ago, people I used to baby sit for many years ago. They stayed here and I was their chauffeur for the week. We enjoyed visiting some of the local places near here and they enjoyed our mountains and much cooler weather. This is the Montana state flower, the bitterroot, that the valley just south of here is named for.

Mi padre tenia una visita hace una semana de amigos desde el sureste, gente que suele cuidar los niños cuando era joven. Quedaban aquí y yo fue sus chofer por la semana. Disfrutabamos visitando algo de los vistas cerca de aquí y ellos disfrutaban las montañas y la clima más fresco. Éste es la flor de nuestro estado, el bitterroot, que el valle al sur de aquí es nombrada.

Last Sunday morning Toralf and I went for a bike ride before it got warm. Biked from here down to the river and then along the river aways. You can just barely see the "M" on the mountain for the University of Montana. I liked the suspension bridge for bikers and walkers. River is still running a bit high and fast from late snow melt. Road to the Sun in Glacier Park just opened last week, one of the latest openings in history.

El domingo pasado Toralf & I fuimos en bibicletas hasta el río antes de la temperatura aumentaba. Puedes ver por poco el "M" de la Universidad de Montana en la distancia. Me gusta la puente en suspensión para los que andan en los pies o bicicletas. Todavía el río corre alto y muy rápido debido a nieve en los montañas que derrieten. El Camino al Sol en el Parque Glacier abierta la semana pasada, uno de las fechas mas tarde en la historia del parque.


  1. What a pretty little flower! My favorite wild flower has to be the trillium. I've always liked those. Here, of course, we see mostly California Poppies growing in the wild areas and Black eyed Susan which seem to grow every where. How nice that you could visit with your dad's friends, too.

  2. Lorinda, Just wanted to let you know that I gave you the Blog on Fire award. I enjoy keeping in touch and hearing about your life. Enjoy your DBQ gathering! Give everyone a hug from me!