Monday, June 27, 2011

Garden Walk

These are a few pictures from the Garden Walk last weekend. It was a fun time while it lasted. We had about 100 visitors. Unfortunately it began to rain about noon and we decided we needed to cancel about 1:30. I had problems with fabric bleeding in several of my quilts. I think they way it rained contributed to the bleeding. 3 are okay. One, I think, is beyond redemption. it will become part of the history of that quilt.

Éstos son pocos fotos del Paseo por las Jardines el fin de semana pasado. Fue muy divertida hasta que nececitamos cancelar por lluvia. Empezó a llover al mediodía y lo cancelamos a las 1:30. Tenía algunos problemas con colores de la tela corriendo. Creyo que la manera de la lluvia contribuía al problema. 3 son okay. Uno, creyo que no puedo reclamar. Ni modo. Sería parte de la historia de la colcha.


  1. How lovely! Are all the quilts pictured yours? We wouldn't dare do that here it would be major sun damage! Your garden walk must be like Sisters, OR.

  2. Not all the quilts were mine though a lot were. Our small group, the Woolies, and also Grizzly Country rug hookers showed here. There were 7 other gardens around Missoula involved in this guild event.