Saturday, November 23, 2013

How Time Flies!

My goal was to post at least twice a month if not more often. Now seems like I am lucky if I can manage once a month. Here it is nearing the end of November and Thanksgiving is almost upon us. We cheated this year and Toralf has put out Christmas lights in the backyard already. (Usual rule is no Christmas until after Thanksgiving). In Montana the goal is to get them out on a warm sunny day and try to avoid frozen fingers in December. The lights are actually a work in progress this year. The trees have grown and we have needed to add more strands.

This weekend we are getting ready to head to California on Monday for Thanksgiving. The best Thanksgiving gift may be the birth of a new grandbaby. "She" (we really don't know for sure) is due Dec. 2. Gotta get started on baby quilt soon!

In the meantime here is what I have been up to

This is a little 8 inch wool block, the first of several in what will eventually be a wall quilt. It is a replica of a particular style of Mexican tiles that I have seen in Morelia and Guadalajara. I think I photographed these in a museum in Tlaquepaque in Guadalajara. Unfortunately I did not photograph the information that went with the pictures. If anyoone can tell me more about these I would be grateful.  I started this in May and just completed it a couple weeks ago - very time consuming and I only worked on it once a week.
This is the other project that I have been working on

I made the cowgirl bride in the top row and the 2 cowgirls sitting on a fence further down. This is a group quilt by the Woolies, a small handwork groupI belong to. It will be the member's only guild raffle quilt for our show in the spring. The theme of the Show will be Cowgirl Roundup. I am going to fill in the 2 missing blocks and sew it together, hopefully between now and Christmas. I am planning to set up the 2 missing blocks and take them on the road with me to work on as we drive to California.

Thanksgiving Blessings to everyone.

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