Monday, September 2, 2013

More Travels, a Quilt and a Deer

Just got back from an 8 day camping trip at Lake Louise in Canada. Hard to choose a picture to adequately describe the area. The mountains seem vast and stark with their many glaciers and ice fields. The lakes are an incredible emerald green from the "glacial milk" and the skies quite dramatic.

Lake Moraine In Banff National Park, Canada
It seemed quite odd to have to need a passport to visit Canada since as kids we were back and forth over the border all the time. When I lived in International falls, Minnesota we went there for hockey games and shopping.  Strange too because it seemed like the bulk of the tourists were oriental rather than Canadians. 
Since returning home I have been trying to finish up some of the projects that have been in progress for awhile. This is Cynthia Spethman's quilt that I big stitch quilted for her. Actually I made the blocks as well. They were my "Stitcher in the Dark blocks for 2005 that I made for Cynthia. She wanted something in red and green and baskets as I recall. I took a few liberties!
Now she is going to long arm quilt something for me in exchange. It has been fun to revisit these blocks and I'm excited to have her quilt a quilt for me.

White tailed deer at the top of our yard in mid-August.
This is the first white tail we have had visit. Mostly they are mule deer. This guy seemed rather magnificent and wise.


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  1. What beautiful scenery! I'm envious of your trip to what looks like a cool place - literally! It's supposed to be 111 here today. I'm really done with 110+ days, it's September! Love the quilt you made for your friend!