Monday, May 13, 2013

Odds and Ends

Jim's Quilt

This is the quilt I made for my brother Jim when he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. He got it the day after he got home from the hospital -- probably one of the fastest quilts I have ever quilted.
Blocks are flannel as is the back. There is a 1"black button in the center of each large block and a 1/2" button in each smaller block on each end. Fabric is from a line that came out in 2004 or 5. It kind of looks like corduroy. I made the top to be a TV quilt for me and then decided I liked the smaller quilt I made from the scraps better so this one sat basted and ready to quilt waiting for the right moment.
This was it! Back has hunting dogs on it and Jim and Jolene have a similar dog "river" so it seemed fitting. The quilting design is called hibiscus and is actually an applique design. In this quilt it looks more meandering than floral.
Jim is home from the hospital now and still has a bit of recovering to do but so far the news has been good. 

Chucky the Chuker
This little guy has been my companion all week while Toralf is camping in Utah. Actually we think that's where he really belongs. We have seen these birds while camping in Kodachrome State Park and Bryce National Park. I think he must have gotten blown off course. He has been hanging around my deck and likes to look in my deck door window.

Last but not least our little guy Oliver at 1 1/2 years. He loves his books!

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  1. Hope Jim is doing better. I'm sure having a quilt you made for him is great comfort to him as he rests and gains strength.

    Oliver just keeps getting cuter and cuter! How could he not like books with you as his Grandma!

    Hope you are having an awesome day!