Friday, December 28, 2012

2 Moose a Stayin"

Spent 4 nights just outside of Yellowstone Park at Pines Edge Cabins. got in 3 days of good cross country skiing. First day out a Buffalo blocked our trail, the second day 2 moose were in the path. The third day it was a ranger on the trail but we got by him! It was a treat to see the moose so close up. They were very much aware of us and let us know they weren't happy with some deep throated noises.
Coming into the park we saw one bull elk, the only elk we saw the 5 days we were in the park. This coyote was on the road as we drove in and the Buffalo along side the road pretty close to the car. The coyote didn't want to budge from his dinner.

This was our little Christmas tree in our rustic cozy cabin. It was a very quiet and peaceful Christmas for us this year. Very nice.

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  1. What a wonderful time you must have had even with the buffalo and moose blocking your trail! Hope the new year brings you health and happiness and many more trips to do things you enjoy!