Saturday, May 26, 2012


My latest Hexagon Project

Jo and I are exchanging center flowers and then adding our own next ring. My second ring is all Moda marbles with a few shadow play when the color was right. I am using 3/4" diamonds and triangles as connecting paths. These are all tiny prints with flowers in them and I have 11 different fabrics that I am adding in sets of 3. Toralf calls this my Mitsubishi quilt!

My Mexican Bathroom

This is the catch-up part.
I finally finished the Cactus basket wall quilt for my Mexican bathroom. It is 4 - 16" blocks that I rotated. The striped fabric is cut from a set of Mexican napkins, a non-traditional heavy woven fabric. Because of that and the diamonds, I English paper pieced the whole thing. It is an optical illusion. The diamonds are 2 different sizes and of the 3 cactus flowers in each basket only one is really square. Picture below shows the paper (card stock) and more accurate colors. I printed the paper pieces on EQ which was handy. I had to trim the foundations for the striped squares to by about 1/8" to make them fit. I was pleased with the accuracy and flatness of the piece and it was a pretty cuss free project this way :)

Picture below is my shower curtain inspired by the classic blue/white Mexican Talavera tile designs that were everywhere in Mexico. Now I just have a second wall hanging and a wool proddy rug to finish and my bathroom will be complete. Shower curtain has a tiny gold flippy between the body and the center and you can see my bright gold walls peeping through in the background. The shower curtain is lined like a curtain to give it a finished look and not quilted. It hangs with a plastic liner.

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