Friday, March 30, 2012

News from Oliver

I wear special bands on my arms called "No Nos" so I don't put my fingers in my mouth. I don't like them very much and am learning not to touch my face all by myself. If I stay calm I don't have to wear them. I have to eat with a syringe and I don't like this either but Grandma and Grandpa help me stay calm.

This is me after they took my stitches out on my nose. Now I don't have a blue "button"."My tongue is pretty cool. I can touch my chin with it now. It is also kind of neat to lick my new lips.
Llevo éstas cosas en mis abrazos. Se llamen "no-nos." No me gusta éstas pero tengo que llevarlos. Me ayudan porque no puedo tocar mis labios or nariz por 3 semanas. Tengo que beber con una jeringa. Es diferente y no my gusta esto tampoco. Mi abuelo y abuelita ma ayuda quedar con calma.

Este es mí despues de quitan puntadas de mi nariz. Ahora no tengo un botón azul en mi nariz. Mi lengua is divertida. Puedo tocar mi barbilla y lamer mi labio nuevo.

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