Monday, December 5, 2011

Oliver's Quilt

I finally finished Oliver's quilt. Technically speaking it isn't really Oliver's but it is going to be. It is actually my oldest UFO begun in 1978 for Oliver's daddy, Hank. I'm kind of glad I waited to finish it now when I know a few more things about quilting. It was also my very first quilt.
This was a really fun quilt to work on. Aren't the coloring book animals delightful? Wish I still had the coloring books. I didn't own any quilt book back then.

Just have to share a few detail pictures. The fish and the turtle required the most extra work since they were the simpliest backgrounds. The squirrel gives you and idea of the fabrics used. Remember back in 1978 there weren't any quiIt shops around. I had a fuzzy bathrobe out of the squirrel fabric. All of the fabrics come from clothes or curtains making them a bit of a challenge to use. The chicken background and the borders are the only new fabrics. 

Finalmente terminé la colcha para Oliver. En realidad no es de Oliver pero va a ser. Es mi proyecto más viejo que no fue terminada. La empece en 1978 para el padre de Oliver, Hank. Ahora estoy feliz que retrasaba. Yo se mucho más ahora de haciendo colchas. Éste también es mi primer colcha. Me disfruta haciendola mucho. Los desenos de animales desde libros para colorear éstan tan encantadores. Espero que todavía tuviera los libros. No tuve libros de colchas en aquel tiempo.

Tengo que compartir unos detalles. Las peces y tortuga requieren la más'trabajo porque tienen fondos más simples. La ardilla monstra el tipo de tela que usaba. Recuerdo en 1978 no fue tiendas de tela para colchas ni libros de colchas tampoco. Teníá una bata peludo de éste tela. Casi toda la tela en la colcha es de ropa o cortinas. Fue un poquito de una reto.

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  1. Absolutely adorable! Oliver will love it and so will his Dad! I, too, finished the quilt I had started for Jeff for his son Brandon. Unfortunately, I have no photos. I lost a bunch when I made a computer transition and it was during that time frame that I had made both this quilt and the one for Mindy's youngest daughter.